Ecologic Lime Plaster TAKCOAT Platinum
Ecologic Lime Plaster TAKCOAT Platinum

Ecologic Lime Plaster TAKCOAT Platinum

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Ecologic Lime Plaster TAKCOAT Platinum is a self-adhering interior/exterior lime plaster base coat that provides a permanent bond and allows for easy transition from sound substrates to successive coats of Ecologic Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum without the need for priming, sanding, installing lath, or using acrylic weld for plaster.

TAKCOAT Platinum is a pre-blended dry powder based on hydraulic lime and recycled glass aggregate, and it is specifically formulated to include self-adhering properties, with no VOCs.


Use TAKCOAT Platinum on interior and exterior rigid, sound, masonry substrates as a base coat on historic structures and sustainable new buildings. It can also be used as a heavy-bodied whitewash. Simply add water, mix, and go to work. Dries bright white.

Can be used, both, indoors and outdoors.


The coverage of a 50 Lb bag of TAKCOAT Platinum will vary depending on the thickness of the coat of material applied.

116" 138
18" 69
316" 45
14" 34
Suitable Substrates
  • New drywall, finished to level III or greater
  • Old, soundly painted drywall
  • Magnesium board (MGO)
  • Dense-glass®
  • Soundly painted masonry
Unsuitable Substrates
  • As a general rule, any flexible substrate is unsuited as a base for TAKCOAT Platinum.

TAKCOAT Platinum should be mechanically mixed using a drill mixer.

  • Add approx. 114 gallons of water per 50 Lb bag.
  • Mix well for 3-5 minutes.
  • Adjust final water content carefully to a workable consistency.

The correct working consistency for TAKCOAT Platinum is a thick pudding for troweling. 13 cup of Borax may be added per gallon of mixing water to defend against the potential of mould in damp or humid environments.

Working Time

1-2 hours once mixed with water. Any material that is mixed with water and left to sit over 12 hours should be discarded.

Curing Time

TAKCOAT Platinum should be misted once after a 24-hour cure time.

Shelf Life

8-12 months if kept sealed and away from moisture.


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