Cedar Shingles & Shakes

Durable exterior cladding, even in harsh coastal environments.
Naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects from its own protective oils and tannins.
Gracefully turns grey with age, easy to maintain, and retains its old-world charm for years to come.

Cedar Shingle Stack


Cladding without compromise.

Timeless and distinctive. Rugged and enduring.

Cedar shingles are a traditional, distinctive, and timeless exterior cladding for roofs and for siding. They contain protective oils and tannins, providing natural decay and insect resistance. Known for durability, cedar shingles are well suited even to harsh, coastal environments. With the right finishes, natural cedar shingles are easy to maintain, and they age gently and beautifully. With a silvery gray hue, cedar shingle roofing and siding will retain its old-world charm for generations.

Cedar shingle roof, freshly installed.Cape cod house with cedar shingle siding, freshly installed.Modern garage or tiny house with cedar shingle siding, freshly installed.Naturally grey and weathered cedar shingles on a quaint cottage.Cape cod house with naturally weathered, cedar shingles.


⎯ Kiln-dried Shingles ⎯


Cedar shingles are checked for square.

Precision, squared.

Each kiln-dried cedar shingle is re-squared and re-butted to ensure that it is perfectly parallel on both sides and perpendicular to the base. Thus, the shingles are easier aligned, the installation is faster, and the final appearance is precise. The straightest shingle on the market.





Cedar shingle with embossed nailing line.

Guided nailing.

Proper nail placement is a key component of cedar shingle performance. For perfect alignment, regardless of exposure (maximum 5 in), our kiln-dried cedar shingles feature an embossed nailing line to guide the installer to precise and fast installation.





State-of-the-art cedar shingle manufacturing.

Getting the most from nature.

Modern technology innovations and unique manufacturing processes enable us to maximize material yield more than ever. From the use of artificial vision to cut shingles, through the kiln drying of the wood, and to the careful recovery of each kiln-dried shingle grade, everything is designed to optimize our natural resource.



⎯ Air-dried Shingles & Shakes ⎯


Rough-sawn, air-dried cedar shingles.

Rough & ready.

Air-dried cedar shingles and shakes dry slowly and retain more of their natural resins, the tree's own protection against rot and decay. This means the wood will be naturally more resistant to the growth of microbes, fungus, and moss.

Rough-sawn cedar shingles and shakes have more texture and show off a natural, rustic character that will retain its charm for many years to come.




Thick-cut, air-dried cedar shingles.

Cut extra long and extra thick.

Our air-dried cedar shingles and shakes are cut extra thick for more durability and longer wear. A longer and thicker cut shingle can also tolerate a longer exposure, which means it can take fewer shingles to cover the same surface area.

Air-dried cedar shingles are 18 inches long with a 5/8" butt and will tolerate a 6" exposure.

Air-dried cedar shakes are 24 inches long with a 7/8" butt and will tolerate a 10" exposure.


⎯ Installation & Maintenance ⎯


Cedar Shingle Easy Installation Tool


Installation 3x faster.

Designed to make installation quick and easy, adjust your exposure quickly and accurately using the built-in graduated ruler adjustable to the width of your board. No more chalk lines to clean or exposed nail holes left by temporary wood slats. The Cedar Shingle Easy Installation Tool is a must-have!




Cedar Shingles with Red Pine Tar. Dormer vent trim and trim with Allbäck Antique Gold Linseed Oil Paint.

Nourish and protect.

Extend the life of the wood even more with such treatments as Reactive Wood StainPure Linseed Oil Paint, or Pine Tar to give a beautiful finish that lasts - with little long-term maintenance and no peeling. The stabilizing effect from regular use of the natural oil treatments also helps to minimize cupping and cracking.

Pictured: Wash House at Grosse-Île National Historic Site. Red Pine Tar applied to cedar shingles and ridge caps. Antique Gold Linseed Oil Paint applied to dormer vent and trim.



Cedar Shingles & Shakes