Purified Linseed Oil

"... linseed oil must not be taken for the service of mankind before it has been cleaned from sludge."
- Gütle, 1799

"I can recommend you take the highest-grade linseed oil you can get:
cleaned from sludge, pale, cold-pressed linseed oil, which has undergone a lot of procedures to get rid of all traces of pollutants."
- Report 24 State Committee for Building Research, Stockholm, 1951

Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil


Protect and nourish from the inside out.

Great results are made with the best ingredients.

From field to factory, Allbäck selects and processes the highest quality linseed oil that is cold-pressed from Swedish, food-grade flax, well aged, and purified to remove the protein before it is bottled as Raw Linseed Oil and then boiled to create Boiled Linseed Oil. The Raw Linseed Oil is ideal for impregnating old and dry timber as well as for making Linseed Oil Putty and Linseed Soap. The Boiled (oxidised) Linseed Oil is processed to create Pure Linseed Oil Paint, Linseed Oil Wax, and Linus Wall Paint. It can also be used to thin Linseed Oil Paint to make semi-transparent finishes.

Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil process control from field to factory.Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil process control from field to factory.Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil process control from field to factory.Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil process control from field to factory.Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil process control from field to factory.



Allbäck Purified Linseed Oil protein

Advantages of protein-free linseed oil:

  • No need for toxic additives (fungicides or heavy metal driers).
  • No food source for microbes.
  • Better penetration.
  • Better water and weather resistance.
  • Shorter paint drying time.
  • More thorough drying.
  • Less risk of skin forming.
  • Less smell.





Impregnate with purified linseed oil to protect wood from the inside out.

In the wood. Not on the wood.

Unlike conventional primers and paints, both the Raw and the Boiled Linseed Oil have a very good ability to absorb into wood and protect it from water. Fill the cell structure of the wood with oil so that water cannot get in and lead to rot. Therefore, it can be used for the impregnation of dry wood outside before painting. Purified linseed oil provides a stabilizing base in the wood that allows the paint at the surface to last much longer.




Maintain Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint and never scrape again!

Maintain the painted surface, and never paint again.

Over time, Linseed Oil Paint ages visibly and gives off clear signals. The surface can be easily maintained by cleaning it with Linseed Soap and adding new Boiled Linseed Oil or Linseed Oil Wax. The surface will regain its former function and shine.





Allbäck Purified Linseed is a product from nature.

A 'product' of nature.

Linseed oil is an adaptable, living material that can be used broadly to condition and protect many different surfaces. This means you can work the material to meet your needs rather than purchase single-use products for a single purpose. Linseed oil applies best and dries fastest when humidity is low, temperatures are warm, air flow is good, and the surface is exposed to full-spectrum light.




Allbäck Purified Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil

Raw or Boiled or Both?

Raw Linseed Oil is a deep penetrating oil that is slow to dry. It is great for thoroughly conditioning wood, and it can also be used to store paint brushes and won’t dry out.

When it is properly boiled, linseed oil becomes a drying oil that can build a protective film out onto the surface. Its binding power makes it good for faster drying, holding pigment, and protecting the surface.

Use these oils together to take advantage of their strengths, or save time by heating Boiled Oil so that it can can penetrate like Raw, and paint immediately.


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Impregnation of a dry surface

Purified Linseed Oil