Stir Whip Paint Mixer
Stir Whip Paint Mixer

Stir Whip Multipurpose Mixer

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This multipurpose mixer is designed for mixing viscous liquids such as linseed oil paint, thick emulsion paint like Linus Wall Paint, and even spackling material, plaster, joint compound, grout, adhesives, and other low-density materials. Its nylon fingers are able to move through these thick fluid materials without much drag, allowing your drill to operate at a lower power. The flexible mixer head can fit through a 5 gallon container spout, reach into corners easily, and provides maximum lift from the bottom of the container. Then cleaning is easy and fast.

  • Total length: 53 cm (~21 in). Tool will reach a depth of 47.5 cm (~18 in) when attached to a drill.
  • Diameter of mixing head: 13 cm (~5 in)
  • Shaft: 38 in solid steel hex shaft fits most drills with chuck