Linus Wall Paint

Completely natural indoor paint for a healthy house.
Matte, breathable, durable, and washable.
For all interior surfaces.

Allback Linus Wall Paint


Traditional European wall paint.

For natural and luxurious walls.

Linus Wall Paint is a beautiful, thick emulsion paint without hazardous chemicals or solvents. The paint is made from linseed oil, water, cellulose, shellac, beeswax, and natural pigments. Most colors are supplied as the base white paint with an accompanying bag of dry pigment to mix in. Russet Red and Black are delivered ready-mixed.

Allback Linus Wall Paint rich, durable colour accents.Allback Linus Wall Paint is durable for high-traffic areas.Allback Linus Wall Paint for Oslo Masonic Lodge.Allback Linus Wall Paint ideal for heritage interiors and churches.



Allback Linus Wall Paint for virtually all indoor surfaces.

Paint on any surface.

Linus Wall Paint can be painted on virtually all interior surfaces such as wood, painted surfaces, plaster, glue, wallpaper, whitewash, plasterboard, woven surfaces, and papered walls and ceilings. On very absorbent surfaces, use Allback Shellac Primer to seal the surface and reduce the number of coats of paint required.



Durable, washable, and completely matte.

Linus Wall Paint is durable and washable. It is easy to apply, to maintain and to touch up. The paint remains breathable and is very compatible breathable wall assemblies that may not contain vapour barrier. Control the texture of the painted surface by adding water and using different brushes, rollers, and applicators.

Linus Wall Paint is ideal for stencilling. The paint can be  thickened with Allback Chalk Powder and Achieve sharp lines without bleeding under the masking tape.



Heat resistant and fire safe Allback Linus Wall Paint for around fireplaces.

A fire-safe paint with no chemical flame retardants.

Linus Wall Paint is very heat resistant and works well around fireplaces and stoves; plus it will not produce dangerous fumes if burned.

Since the Linus Wall Paint contains some shellac, it is also very good for painting over surfaces that have suffered from smoke damage. Use Allback Linseed Oil Stove Blacking Fireplace Paint directly on hot, metal surfaces.



Use Allback Linus Wall Paint to make your own spackling, joint compound, or skim coat.

Versatile like no other paint.

Linus Wall Paint can also be used as a filler  by adding Allback Pumice Powder. This means the colour of the spackling compound is the same as the paint and can be painted over immediately with Linus Wall Paint. Control the consistency to make your own spackling medium, joint compound, skim coat, or rolled-on wall plaster. Meet your needs for surface repair, smoothing, and painting with the same material.



Concise Handbook About Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint [EN] 
Le Petit livre de la peinture à l'huile de lin [FR] 

Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Quality Control [EN]
Contrôle de qualité peinture d'intérieur Linus d'Allbäck [FR]


Allbäck Linus Wall Paint (*Subtitles in English)

Colour Palette

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Note: The colours displayed online and in print material may be subject to small variations due to the limitations of digital display and of the printing process. Testing colours using a small amount of the actual paint on a representative surface will always be the most accurate.