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When everybody knows, there is no need to write it down.

In the past, knowledge of noble materials and how they were best used was passed down from generation to generation of craftsmen. Today, there are still some producers who remain connected to basic materials and craft knowledge from the past, and who aim to work together across disciplines, to find a better way forward.


Allbäck Linseed Oil Products


Linseed Soap 
Impregnation of a Dry Surface 
Linseed Oil Putty 
Paint and Cut 
Wax an untreated surface 
Wax an already-treated surface 
To Nurture our Cultural Heritage 
Linus Wall Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Use 


Hans och Sonja målar om Versailles 
(Hans & Sonja Repaint Versailles)
K Special Documentary, SVT (Swedish Public Television), 2014

Technical Documents

Little Handbook About Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint
Le Petit livre de la peinture à l'huile de lin Allbäck

Companion Guides by Sage Restoration

General Guidelines for Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint
Conditions générales d'utilisation de la peinture à l'huile de lin
Putty Estimating Guide
Allbäck Custom Colour & Order Timelines Guide

Training Course Material

Allbäck Training Course Material
Matériel de cours de formation Allbäck

Safety Data Sheets

SDS Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint [EN]
FDS Peinture à l'huile de lin Allbäck [FR]

SDS Allbäck Linseed Oil (Raw & Boiled) [EN]
SDS Allbäck Zinc Oxide [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linseed Oil Putty [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linseed Soap [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linseed Oil Wax [EN]
SDS Allbäck Shellac Primer [EN]

SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint (White, Black, Russet Red) [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Beige [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Light Blue [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Grey [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Light Grey [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Lime Tree Green [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Ocean Green [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Olive Green [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Pink [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Vintage Grey [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Yellow [EN]
SDS Allbäck Linus Wall Paint Light Yellow [EN]

Health & Environment

Plastic Paints the Environment:
A global assessment of paint’s contribution to plastic leakage to Land Ocean & Waterways
Environmental Action, Lausanne, Switzerland, December 2021.

BVB - Swedish Environmental Building Material Assessment
SundaHus - Swedish Material Data Health Assessment


Windowcraft - Part One
Journal of Architectural Conservation, Nº1 March 2004
Windowcraft - Part Two
Journal of Architectural Conservation, Nº2 July 2004
Holkham Estate Returns to Traditional Materials and Craftsmanship
Journal of Architectural Conservation, Nº2 July 2004

Technical Instructions for Painting Buildings
SFV - National Property Board Sweden

Baileylineroad: Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint 
Steve Maxwell, Baileylineroad, July 2021

Linseed oil paint a green alternative with longevity 
Steve Maxwell, The Hamilton Spectator, July 2009

Maxwell: Linseed oil paint simple and effective 
Steve Maxwell, The Toronto Star, September 2010

The Linseed Oil Paint 'revival' continues...
Kevin Davies, Listed Heritage Magazine, UK, Issue 131 July/August 2020

Holding back the years
Eastern Daily Press, Norfolk, UK, September 2002

Investing in Environmentally Friendly Linseed Oil Paint
Spåret (industry publication for the Swedish rail authority), Nº36 June 2016

Linseed-oil Paint: Better for your boat 
Capt. David Bull, Small Boats Magazine, Small Boats Monthly, December 2015

Purified Linseed Oil: Considerations for Use on Historic Wood
Erin Gibbs & Katherine Wonson, APT Bulletin: The Journal of Preservation Technology, 52:4, 2021


Auson Pine Tar

Product Details

Pine Tar: Nature's Own Wood Protection [EN]
Goudron de pin: la protection naturelle du bois [FR]

Pine Tar Painting Guide [EN]

Technical Data Sheets

TDS Genuine Pine Tar 850 (Dark) [EN]
TDS Imprex Pine Tar (Light) [EN]
TDS Kiln Burned Pine Tar 773 [EN]
TDS Black Pine Tar [EN]
TDS Black-Brown Pine Tar [EN]
TDS Brown Pine Tar [EN]
TDS Green Pine Tar [EN]
TDS Red Pine Tar [EN]
TDS Grey Pine Tar Vitriol [EN]

Safety Data Sheets

SDS Genuine Pine Tar 850 (Dark) [EN]
SDS Imprex Pine Tar (Light) [EN]
SDS Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar 773 [EN]
SDS Black Pine Tar [EN]
SDS Black-Brown Pine Tar [EN]
SDS Brown Pine Tar [EN]
SDS Green Pine Tar [EN]
SDS Red Pine Tar [EN]
SDS Grey Pine Tar Vitriol [EN]


Tar on the Wooden Roof: A Knowledge
Arja Källbom, Crafts Laboratory, Gothenburg University, 2015

Characterization of traditionally kiln produced pine tar by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 62 (2002) 143–155

Organic geochemical evidence for pine tar production in middle Eastern Sweden during the Roman Iron Age
Journal of Archaeological Science 33 (2006) 283–294

Traditional Tar Production from the Anatolian Black Pine and its usages in Afyonkarahisar, Central Western Turkey
Ari et al. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2014, 10:29

Preservation Efficacy of Pine Wood Tars
TemaNord 2008:579, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen 2008

Pine tar: Assessment of quality
Cherish wellNational Heritage Board in January 2016

Pine tar: Preparation, differences in quality and properties
Cherish well, National Heritage Board in January 2016

Norfolk Wood Tar Project Report
Michael Knights, Norfolk County Council, UK, 1999


Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Spar Varnish

Product Details

The Original: Le Tonkinois Made from Pure Linseed Oil [EN] 
Le Tonkinois: Homologue par la marine nationale [FR] 

Safety Data Sheets

SDS Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish (Classic & Marine Nº1) [EN] 
FS Le Tonkinois vernis de lin (Classique & Marine Nº1) [FR] 

SDS Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil [EN] 
FS Le Tonkinois Huiles Bio Impression [FR] 

SDS Le Tonkinois Gelomat [EN] 
FS Le Tonkinois Gelomat [FR] 


French Gloss: Classic varnish solves boater's problem 
Chris Hardenbrook, Good Old Boat, Issue: 47 - March/April 2006, p.77


Speedheater Infrared Paint Remover

Product Details

Speedheater Cobra Quick Reference Guide
Speedheater Cobra Instruction & Safety Manual

Speedheater Standard Instruction & Safety Manual

Speedheater Rapid Slim Instruction & Safety Manual

Health & Environment

Exposure at Paint Removal with the Speedheater Infrared System
Richard Berglund, IVF Industrial Research and Development Corporation, November 2005.

Personal Lead Exposure Assessment, US Dept. of the Interior, Washington
Hassan Adib-Samii, Enviro-Tech Services, Inc., April 2005.

Lead Test Summary, Residential
Enviro-Tech Services, Inc., May - August 2005.


SpotHeater Infrared Paint & Putty Remover

Product Details

SpotHeater SH800 IR Putty Lamp User Manual [EN]
SpotHeater SH1000 IR Paint Remover User Manual [EN] Lime Mortar and Masonry Materials

Product Details

Ecologic Plaster System Leaflet [EN] : Why Saint Astier Lime? [EN] 

Technical Data Sheets

TDS Ecologic Mortar Type G 
TDS Ecologic Mortar Type F 

TDS Ecologic TAKCOAT Platinum 
TDS Ecologic TOPCOAT Platinum Type G 
TDS Ecologic TOPCOAT Platinum Type F 
TDS Ecologic TOPCOAT Platinum Type XF 

Safety Data Sheets

SDS Ecologic Mortar 

SDS Ecologic TAKCOAT Platinum 
SDS Ecologic TOPCOAT Platinum 


Four Principal Families of Limes and Cements 
Jessica (Focht) Aquiline, adapted from Building Limes in Conservation, February 2013.


LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nail System

Wooden Nails

Technical Data Sheet, LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails

Pneumatic Coil Nailers

Information Sheet, LIGNOLOC® F44 Coil Nailer External Link Icon
Fiche Informatique, Cloueur LIGNOLOC® F44 External Link Icon

Technical Data Sheet, Fiche technique [EN, FR] External Link Icon

Exploded Tool Diagram, LIGNOLOC® F44 Coil Nailer External Link Icon


German National Technical Approval, LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails 
The German Institute for Construction Engineering issues national approval for load-bearing timber connections using LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails. The approval enables the planning, design and execution of load-bearing connections in timber frame construction. Planks and panels made of solid timber, wood-based materials or gypsum board can be attached to wooden building materials using LIGNOLOC® wooden nails. In addition, connections can be made with LIGNOLOC® to produce bracing and load-bearing diaphragm walls.
Eurpoean Technical Assessment (ETA) Approval (2023), LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails See our Documents & Knowledge page for more detail.