Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum
Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum
Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum
Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum
Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum

Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum

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Ecologic Lime Plaster TOPCOAT Platinum is a structural, breathable lime mortar that can be used for everything from interior plastering to exterior stucco work (lime render) to parge coats. It can even be used as a general lime mortar for repointing historic brick and stone and for laying up new masonry units, wether they receive a lime render overtop or not.

Ecologic TOPCOAT Platinum can also be applied over a base coat of Ecologic TAKCOAT Platinum when transitioning from smooth substrates that offer no mechanical key, such as new or painted drywall, magnesium board, Dense-glass®, or soundly painted masonry.

TOPCOAT Platinum is a pre-blended dry powder based on hydraulic lime and aggregate, and it contains no Portland Cement and no VOCs.

Mixes differ according to application
  • Type G is a diverse, coarse-sanded mix that can be used  as the base coat placed directly over porous and stable raw masonry, or over non-rusting lath for framed walls, or as the leveling “brown coat” in a three-coat plaster/stucco system. It can also then be used as the final, coarse-textured topcoat, as the name implies. Since TOPCOAT Platinum Type G is composed of Hydraulic Lime and aggregates it is almost universal and serves many purposes.
  • Type F is a diverse, fine-sanded mix that can not only be used as the final, fine-textured topcoat for plaster and stucco, but it can also be used as lime mortar for repointing narrow brick and stone joints, 38" wide and under.
  • Type XF is an extra-fine-sanded mix that is used as a final finish coat of interior lime plaster.

The coverage of a 50 Lb bag of TOPCOAT Platinum will vary depending on the thickness of the coat of material applied.

Type G
Thickness 14" 38" 12" 34" 1"
Type F
Thickness 116" 18" 316" 14"
SQFT 90 45 30 22
Type XF
Thickness 116" 18" 316" 14"
SQFT 110 55 36 27


Suitable Interior and Exterior Substrates
  • Wood
  • Lath
  • Non-rusting lath
  • Raw brick
  • Stone
  • Block
  • Strawbale
  • Hemcrete
  • Vertical concrete (cured and non-oily)

Coloured mixes are not stocked and are available upon request. Additional shipping and handling fees may apply. 

Order the Ecologic Lime Mortar Colour Sample Kit to see true representations of the stock colours plus some custom colour examples.

Adding colour to the plaster is possible. Add your own dry pigment, if you know the material and you are comfortable with mixing yourself.

Custom colours can also be ordered from Limeworks based on an on-site colour sample or on a colour from an existing paint palette. Please contact us for more details.


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