Allbäck Zinc Oxide Additive, 1 L

Allbäck Zinc Oxide Additive

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Zinc Oxide is known to have mildew retarding properties and is especially useful in humid or wet climates. It is generally recommended when using Allbäck's linseed oil paint outdoors.

When painting surfaces that are exposed to various kinds of mould, Allbäck Zinc Oxide can be added to all Allbäck paints, to a maximum of 20% by volume (200 mL of Zinc Oxide Additive for every litre of paint).

Zinc Oxide can also have a mild siccative effect, meaning that the paint can dry (oxidize) a little faster and become a little harder. This can be useful when painting floors or surfaces that are exposed to a lot of wear.

Allbäck's Zinc Oxide additive is made from zinc oxide powder already dispersed in their Purified Boiled Linseed Oil, so adding it to the paint is very easy.

Note: When added to the linseed oil paint the cost per volume or per area of the paint does not change.

Binder : Boiled, cold-pressed, cleaned, and sterilized linseed oil from Sweden.
Pigment : Zinc oxide.
Drier : Manganese Siccative.
Thinning : If necessary, thin with max. 5% Allbäck Purified Boiled Linseed Oil.
Dry matter : 100% by volume. Nothing evaporates from the paint.
VOCs : <5mg / L, natural oil only.
Application : Stir well. Apply thin coats with a stiff brush.
Coverage : 15 - 20 m² per litre (161 - 215 sqft per litre), depending on the substrate.
Cleaning : Allbäck Linseed Soap and water. Rinse well and allow to dry. Store brushes hanging in Allbäck Purified Raw Linseed Oil.
Drying time : Approximately 24 hours at room temperature, with good ventilation and low humidity.


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