Allback Purified Raw Linseed Oil
Allback Purified Raw Linseed Oil
Allbäck Purified Raw Linseed Oil
Allbäck Purified Raw Linseed Oil in 1000 L IBC tote.

Allbäck Purified Raw Linseed Oil

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Cold-pressed, purified linseed oil penetrates into wood, protecting it from moisture and, consequently, from rot. The molecules of raw linseed oil are so small that they penetrate deeply to provide long-term protection.

The proteins are carefully removed from the oil according to traditional methods, producing a sterile product without contamination, effectively removing the food source for microbes.

Heat the oil to 60ºC for even faster penetration and conditioning. The oil should be well absorbed into the wood, and the surfaces should feel dry before painting.

  • Deep impregnation into dry wood to condition, rejuvenate, and protect.
  • Long-term storage of paint brushes.
  • Thinning putty into a slurry for filling small cracks.
  1. Differences in the colour tone of linseed oil from batch to batch are a result of the growing and harvesting conditions of a particular season. It is not a result of processing and has no particular bearing on the quality of the oil.
  2. Under the right conditions, rags soaked in linseed oil may self-ignite. Soak oily rags in water before disposing of them.

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