Limeworks Ecologic Premixed Lime Plaster/Mortar.
Ecologic Premixed Lime Mortar
Ecologic Premixed Lime Mortar
Ecologic Premixed Lime Mortar

Ecologic Premixed Lime Mortar

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Due to the nature of the material, sales of all building lime products are final.


Ecologic Lime Mortar from Limeworks is a prepared blend of binder, aggregate, and pigments to which you just add water, mix, and go to work. The dry ingredients have already been prepared so that you get the right type of hydrated lime, the correct blend of screened sand, and earth pigment if needed.

Does not contain any Portland cement.

A traditional lime finish that can be used indoors or outdoors, use the Coarse blend (Type G) for joints over ⅜ of an inch, such as in making a mortar to repoint brick and stone, or as a base coat for finer plaster to be applied on top. Use the Fine blend (Type F) for joints between 14 and 38 of an inch, and butter joint to be used for joints under 14 of an inch.

Ecologic Mortar comes as a bagged dry mix. Add water and mix with water using a high torque industrial electric drill and a drill mixer attachment in five-gallon pail or using a mason's paddle-style mortar mixer.

Mixes differ according to application
  • Type G stands for "coarse granules" for most all other applications. The granules in Type G are coarse in comparison to the fine sands in a Type F mortar, but the coarse granules are likened to regular mason's sand that meets ASTM C-144 standards for sharp, well-graded sand. The coarse grains are not as coarse as typical concrete sand.
  • Type F stands for "fine sands" for the application of butter joint repointing, fine jointed Ashlar stonework and for a smooth plaster finish. Base coat with  the coarser "G" mix.

All stock Ecologic Mortars are made with NHL 3.5 and sand blend.


Ecologic Lime Mortar will reach the 750 psi required for a Type N mortar while maintaining the high permeability required for repointing and repair to historic structures, originally built with lime mortars. Due to the lack of Portland cement, Ecologic Lime Mortar is immune to sulfates and salts.


Use these averages as a guide to determine how many bags of Ecologic Lime Mortar you will need for your project. One bag of Ecologic Lime Mortar is good for:

  • Repointing about 40 SQFT of standard brick joints @ 38 in wide and 34 in deep.
  • Repointing about 80 SQFT of butter joint at less than 14 in wide and 34 in deep.
  • Repointing about 15 SQFT of rubble stone wall @ 1 in wide and 114 in deep.
  • Laying about 40 standard bricks.

For more detailed calculations, use the Limeworks Material Calculator.

Bag weight
  • 38.5 Lbs

Coloured mixes are not stocked and are available upon request. Additional shipping and handling fees may apply.

Order the Ecologic Lime Mortar Colour Sample Kit to see true representations of the stock colours plus some custom colour examples.

Add your own dry pigment if you know the material, and you are comfortable with mixing yourself.

Custom colours can also be ordered from Limeworks based on an on-site colour sample or on a colour from an existing paint palette. Please contact us for more details.


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