Allbäck Linseed Putty, 2 Kg
Allbäck Linseed Putty is flexible, both in its application and in its function. Use for glazing windows and also for filling cracks and holes in wood.
Allbäck Linseed Oil Putty
Apply Allbäck Linseed Putty in a smooth, rolling motion to push all the air out from the window rebate and from behind the putty.
Allbäck Linseed Oil Putty
Allbäck Linseed Oil Putty

Allbäck Linseed Oil Putty

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Made from cold-pressed, purified, raw linseed oil and different types of chalk, this putty is used for glazing windows and also for filling in cracks and holes in wood without shrinking, outdoors and indoors.

Knead well before using. If the putty becomes too soft, allow to cool or sparingly add some Allbäck Chalk Powder. If the putty becomes too firm, warm it up or add some Allbäck Purified Raw Linseed Oil.

Before applying the putty to glaze windows, paint shellac in the wooden rebates of the window that will come into direct contact with the putty. This will seal the wood and prevent the oil from being drawn out of the putty over time, leading to premature putty failure.

Brush the glass with a small amount of Allbäck Pumice Powder to remove oil residue. Paint right away or later with Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint. There is no need for this putty to be entirely cured before painting with Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint, unlike with other putties and paints. This is a major time-saver.

Allbäck Linseed Oil Putty can be kept for up to one year at room temperature in a sealed container. If the putty becomes hard, warm the putty and then knead until smooth on a cold surface. Can be frozen for long-term storage.


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