Speedheater Putty Scraper for windows.
Removing putty from an old window with the Speedheater Putty Scraper.

Speedheater Putty Scraper

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Made specifically for restoring windows, the Putty Scraper features one end with a claw shape for pull scraping flat surfaces and a flat end for push scraping behind and under to loosen old putty. Both ends can be sharpened with a bench grinder or a hand file to maximize scraping efficiency.

Works well in tandem with the Speedheater Putty Chisel as a tool system to remove softened old putty putty quickly and safely.

    Made in Sweden.

    • Steel scraper
    • Ergonomic rubber sleeve for gripping
    • Length: 8-1/4 in)
    • Width: 2.55 cm (~ 1 in)
    Tips & Tricks
    • Scrape surfaces clean before painting.
    • Heat old putty with infrared heat.
    • Lift and lower the scraper before each new stroke.