Speedheater Profile Scraper
Speedheater Profile Scraper

Speedheater Profile Scraper

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This multi-use paint scraper features six different profiles on the same blade for scraping and removing paint from different kinds of profiled trim, windows, doors, rounded batten siding, simple joinery, and more.

The durable scraper is comfortable to use and made to last, with its long ergonomic handle and laser-cut special Swedish steel blade.

Durable, special Swedish steel blades hold their edge and stay sharper for longer, but unlike their carbide steel cousins, they can also be sharpened on one side, using the the Speedheater Scraper Blade Grinding Set.

Made in Sweden.

  • Tool length: 32.5 cm (~ 1234 in)
  • Blade width: 5.7 cm (~ 214 in)
  • Tool weight:  537 g (~ 114 Lbs)
Extra Replacement Blades

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Tips & Tricks
  • Make sure the paint is properly heated.
  • Only sharpen the back side of the blade.
  • Lift and lower the scraper before each new stroke.