Round Natural Bristle Paint Brush

Round Natural Bristle Paint Brush

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Classic, high-quality, European round brushes hold more paint, deliver greater control, and allow for a much smoother flow of paint out of the brush. These larger brushes are ideal for larger surfaces such as trim, doors, and facades (including masonry and stucco).

The natural hog hair bristles are ideal for use with linseed oil paints and varnishes, providing good load and spread capabilities. Like human hair, hog hair bristles have split ends, which allows the brush to hold more paint at the tip and distributes the paint more evenly across the brush stroke.

Great multi-purpose brush, suitable for most projects. Double-wound ferrule to adjust bristle firmness.

Tip: Remove adjustable yarn and wrap with electrical tape instead for greater control and for easier cleaning.

20, 30 and 40mm brush width