Round Microfilament Glazing Brush. Common brush in Europe, designed for painting glazing bars (muntin bars) on windows.

Round Microfilament Glazing Brush

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This round, pointed brush is a common type in Europe, specifically designed for painting glazing bars (muntin bars). It is a must-have brush for anyone painting windows. The profiled handle sits comfortably in the hand, and the pointed bristles allow for precision edges around delicate areas and for painting in tricky corners.

The first of their kind in the world, these new, high-grade, Swedish paint brushes with microfilament bristles hold lots of paint, they provide a very smooth finish, and they are very easy to clean. Ideal for use with, both, oil and water based paints and finishes, providing good load and spread capabilities while greatly reducing the appearance of brush strokes.

  • Fine, synthetic, microfilament bristles
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • 15 mm