Redecker Pointed Scrub Brush
Redecker Pointed Scrub Brush

Redecker Pointed Scrub Brush

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Made for heavy-duty scrubbing action, the shape of the Pointed Scrub Brush is able to reach into corners and along edges, and the coarse bristles are designed for scrubbing the toughest dirt and grime but without scratching the surface.

Union fibre is a stiff bristle that provides a medium scrubbing action, suitable for most tough cleaning jobs.

Zatacon fibre, with the nickname Rice Root, comes from a type of coarse grass that is native to the Mexican highlands. The extremely tough plant fibre is selected for very hard scouring brushes.

Brush  Handle
Stiff Oiled beechwood Union fibre
Extra-stiff Untreated beechwood Zatacon fibre
  • Stiff: 21 cm (~ 814 in)
  • Extra-stiff: 23 cm (~ 9 in)