Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed Oil Varnish
Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed Oil Varnish

Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed Oil Varnish

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Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed Oil Varnish is a durable, long-lasting, natural oil varnish for all types of wood and metal. It can be used indoors or outdoors in marine, architectural, and decorative projects. The varnish is very effective against corrosion, even in harsh marine environments and below the water line.

Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish is made from pure linseed oil and tung oil, cooked in a proprietary process by the same family in France since 1906. The recipe was, in fact, learned from the Vietnamese during French colonization, so its true age is unknown. For over 100 years, it was the official varnish of the French Navy.

Despite being very robust and resistant to scuffs and abrasion, this varnish remains flexible and is not prone to cracking or peeling. It has excellent resistance to salt water and to UV light.

Apply Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed Oil Varnish in thin coats to a clean and dry surface with a brush, roller, or sprayer, and without thinning the oil. For even longer lasting results, impregnate wood surfaces with Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil or with Allback Purified Linseed Oil before top coating with varnish. Number of coats depends on the condition of the wood and desired level of protection:

  • Interior surfaces: 3-6 coats.
  • Exterior surfaces: 6-10 coats.
  • Marine surfaces: 10+ coats.

Coverage: approx. 20 m2 (215 sqft) / L

Drying time: Approximately 24 hours at room temperature, with good ventilation and low humidity.

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