Hemp Oil Wood Finish, 1 L
Hemp Oil Wood Finish
Hemp Oil Wood Finish is safe for food surfaces, such as wooden cutting boards and utensils.

Hemp Oil Wood Finish

Item # : HEMP-WOOD-128
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Made from 100% natural, organic, and oxidized hemp oil, our Hemp Oil Wood Finish penetrates deeply and dries naturally with no harmful vapours, solvents or driers. It is safe to use on food surfaces and provides a water-resistant finish that dries matte and does not leave a film. Cleans up with soap and water.


Surface must be clean and dry. Use a brush, roller, sprayer, or rag to apply. For interior applications, allow 12 hours between coats, and then wipe off excess oil with a rag. Drying time is approximately 24 hours. For exterior surfaces, apply and re-apply as required to keep wood well coated for protection and appearance. Wipe away excess oil that does not absorb.