Handmade Natural Bristle Oval Brush

Handmade Natural Bristle Oval Paint Brush

Item # : 10604


Made by hand in Denmark, the oval shaped brush takes the best features from, both, round and flat brushes and combines them to produce a brush that allows for dexterity and precision. The oval brush is ideal for cutting in along edges, reaching into corners, and painting windows, trim, and woodwork.

In fact, Guldberg's first product over 35 years ago was the oval brush, which was developed in close cooperation with professional painters and remains one of the company's most popular products.

Guldberg brushes are made from specially selected materials. Each fibre/natural bristle in the brush is straight, soft, and uniform, allowing the brush to transfer paint in a way that leaves a great finish. The uncoated beechwood handle ensures that the brush does not slip in the hand, and the ergonomic design makes them comfortable to work with.

  • Bleached natural boar hair bristles
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • FSC Certified beechwood handle

Brush widths :

  • 65 mm (212 in)
  • 45 mm (134 in)