Bahco Ergo Heavy Duty Paint Scraper

Bahco Ergo Heavy Duty Paint Scraper

Item # : BAH665
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This high-quality paint scraper with cemented carbide blade is designed for heavy duty use on larger surfaces. The scraper's built-in knob handle allows for 2-handed grip and, therefore, much more leverage.

Comes with a Heavy Duty 65 mm, 2-sided blade, which is slightly convex to prevent the corners digging in. The 2-sided blade can be turned over on the handle for maximum utility. Ridged Profile Blade also available which can remove up to 10 times more paint at one time. The 50 mm blades can also be fitted to this scraper.

Cemented carbide blades are very sharp and maintain their edge 50 times longer than conventional steel blades, so more paint, glue, or rust can be scraped away faster before having to sharpen the blade. Sharpen with a diamond wheel or simply replace the blade once both sides are spent.

The 2-component ergonomic handle gives excellent grip and maximizes comfort while minimizing effort, meaning that you can scrape for longer before your hand gets tired, regardless of how the scraper is turned during use.

Made in Sweden.


Tool length: 10"
Blade width: 2.5"
Tool weight: 220 g

Extra Blades