Allbäck Shellac Primer
Allbäck Shellac Primer
Allbäck Shellac Primer

Allbäck Shellac Primer

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This product contains water and is susceptible to freezing. Take care during shipping and storage.

We do not ship water based materials during the winter when temperatures are below freezing.


Unique to Allbäck, Shellac Primer is made from pure shellac suspended in water rather than in alcohol. It is an effective indoor sealer that can be used in many ways and without a harsh odour.

Use Shellac Primer on absorbent surfaces such as drywall, plaster, and wood, in order to even absorption and require fewer coats of paint.

Reduce the risk of stains such as water damage, soot and nicotine from showing through paint with an undercoating of Shellac Primer.

Shellac Primer can be sanded wet or dry and hardens all the way through without troublesome cracks due to shrinking. It can also be used to deal with wrinkles that appear in the linseed oil paint film that has been applied too thickly. Wet-sand the area with Shellac Primer. Dry the surface and paint again.

This primer dries quickly, but hot air can reduce the drying time to a few minutes.


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