LIGNOLOC® F60 Pneumatic Coil Nailer

LIGNOLOC® F60 Pneumatic Coil Nailer

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The F60 Coil Nailer is specially designed for driving the revolutionary LIGNOLOC® F60 Wooden Nails. Adjust the drive depth without the need of a special tool. 

This nailer is an integral part of the LIGNOLOC® system because the high nailing speed allows for the Lignin Welding process to take place. The large amount of heat generated by friction when the nail is driven in, causes the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the surrounding wood to form a substance-to-substance bond. No pre-drilling or pilot holes necessary.

  • Fastener Type: LIGNOLOC® F60 Wooden Nails
  • Nail Diameter: 4.7 - 5.3 mm (0.185 - 0.209 in)
  • Nail Length: 58 - 90 mm (214 - 312 in)
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 nails
  • Tool weight: 3.95 Kg (8.7 Lbs)
  • Actuation: Full Sequential Actuation
  • Loading: Coil
  • Air pressure: 5 - 8 bar (70 - 200 psi)
  • Wood density: 300 - 500 Kg/m3 (~ 18 - 31 Lbs/ft3)
Compatible Nails
LIGNOLOC® for Pallets & Crates
Furniture & Bedding Manufactured Housing Pallets & Crates

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