Coil of LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails, Ø 3.7 mm.
LIGNOLOC® F44 Pneumatic Coil Nailer and a coil of LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails, Ø 3.7 mm shown together on a stack of structural wood panelling with an OSB background.
A stack of structural wood panelling waiting for installation, using the LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nail System.
Coil of LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails on a bed of green spruce tips, turned up to show the pointed tips of the wooden nails.

LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails, Ø 3.7 mm

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LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails have the smallest diameter and are best used for lighter duty fastening. LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails are totally natural, long-lasting, strong, and secure, and they are not susceptible to corrosion.

Review the technical data to ensure you matching the right LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nail to the right application.

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LIGNOLOC Wooden Nails

Combining performance and sustainability, LIGNOLOC® is the world's first shootable wooden nail. This collated wooden nail is made of German beech wood, a totally renewable raw material.

Perfect for all timber construction projects, indoors and outdoors, from industrial manufacturing to historic and ecological timber construction, that can now be metal-free and also highly efficient.

Due to their mechanical properties, the nails can be shot into wood and wood-based materials without pre-drilling, using the specially developed LIGNOLOC® Pneumatic Coil Nailer, and bond to them permanently.

Thanks to a process called lignin welding, LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails have high holding power and guarantee a strong, non-detachable connection. The special design of the LIGNOLOC® nail tip and the high amount of heat generated by friction when the nail is driven in, cause the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the lignin of the surrounding wood, forming a pure, unbreakable substance-to-substance bond.

Dimensions and Quantity
mm (in)
mm (in)
Box Quantity
3.7 (0.145) 38 ( 112) 1020
3.7 (0.145) 50 (2) 3060
3.7 (0.145) 55 ( 214) 3060
3.7 (0.145) 60 ( 212) 3060
  • Material: Compressed beech wood
  • Coil Capacity: 170 nails
  • Flexural Strength: 1400 Nmm
  • Collation Type: 15º plastic sheet coil
Compatible Nailer
LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails for manufactured housing.
LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails for millwork.
LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails for framing.
Manufactured Housing Millwork Framing
LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails for drywall.
LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails for interior construction.
Drywall Interior Construction

Technical Data Sheet, LIGNOLOC® F44 Wooden Nails

German National Technical Approval (2020), LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails
Eurpoean Technical Assessment (ETA) Approval (2023), LIGNOLOC® Wooden Nails
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