Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Wet Film Thickness Gauge

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Apply linseed oil paint too thick, and wrinkles can develop in the paint film that must be sanded out later. Apply linseed oil paint too thin, and reduce the protection value and longevity of the paint on the surface. Allbäck generally recommends a wet film thickness of 100 microns per coat of their linseed oil paint.

In order to measure the wet film thickness, use this sturdy, aluminum gauge to measure the thickness of each coat of Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint for optimal coverage and surface protection. Use the gauge to "train your hand" to apply the optimal thickness of paint every time.

Measures in microns and in mils.

Conforms to ASTM D4414-95. ISO 2808.

Instructions for use
  1. Hold the gauge perpendicular to the surface and press into fresh wet paint until gauge rests square on the substrate.
  2. Withdraw without slide movement.
  3. The wet film thickness is indicated by the highest tooth coated.
  4. The wet film thickness multiplied by the volume solids will indicate the dry film thickness.
Measurement Range
  • 25 to 2000 microns
  • 1 to 80 mils
  • 76 mm x 88 mm x 1 mm (3 in x 312 in x 116 in)