Linseed Oil

Our Swedish Raw Linseed Oil comes from Gunnarshögs farm in Skane, Sweden and is processed at our factory in Ystad. Here we extract the protein and clean the oil following a historic eighteenth-century recipe.

The raw linseed oil is ideal for impregnating old and dry timber as well as making putty and soap.

The boiled, i.e. oxidised, linseed oil is processed to create Linseed Oil Paint, Linseed Oil Wax and Linus Wall Paint. It can also be used to thin Linseed Oil Paint.


Over time, Linseed Oil Paint ages visibly and gives off clear signals. After a while, depending on the direction it faces and how exposed it is, the paint starts to turn matte. After further time, the colour will “chalk”, i.e. the pigment will fall out. This surface can easily be maintained by cleaning it with Linseed Soap and adding new Boiled Linseed Oil or Linseed Oil Wax. The surface will regain its former function and shine.

• Note: Risk of self-ignition in porous material. Soak cloths in water and dispose of in the general rubbish.