For rendered and plastered surfaces (external and internal)
A water emulsion linseed oil paint is an ancient classic for plastered surfaces. e.g. kitchens, bathrooms and public spaces that suffer tough wear. 

Emulsion with water makes the linseed oil paint tougher

This paint does not seal in moisture and can be used widely, e.g. on dry cellar walls, concrete floors, wooden floors, plastic floors, on plinths and stable walls. The finish will be semi-matte and washable. Any variations in shine will even out over time.

• Whisk approximately 30% clean
water into our Linseed Oil Paint
with a high-speed paint whisk in a
well-filled container.
• Apply with a roller, brush or spray.
• The mixture is ready when the
consistency is that of yogurt.
• If water drops are squeezed out
of the paint during painting, the
emulsion process is incomplete.
If this is the case, whisk in a little
more paint.
• Newly plastered surfaces can be
painted once the carbonation
process is complete. It is best to
consult your plasterer.