Speedheater Rapid Slim Kit
Speedheater Rapid Slim Infrared Paint Remover
Closeup scraping softened paint with Speedheater Rapid Slim Infrared Paint Remover and Speedheater Board Scraper.
Speedheater Rapid Slim Infrared Paint Remover used to strip paint on wooden window sills.
Speedheater Rapid Slim Infrared Paint Remover used to strip paint from clapboard siding.
Speedheater Storage Box clasp.

Speedheater Rapid Slim Infrared Paint Remover

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The Speedheater Rapid Slim makes paint removal fast, safe, and easy on indoor and outdoor surfaces. This model is designed with an optimized heating area to make it easier to access corners, mouldings, trims, and other tight spaces. Everything is designed to achieve the best possible result in the shortest amount of time.

Infrared heat makes it fast, safe, and environmentally friendly to soften and remove old paint from most surfaces, including wood and concrete, without producing dangerous lead fumes. The infrared heat also lets you remove glue and varnish, and it even works great on putty, no matter if the putty is old and hardened or fresh and rubbery. Protect window glass from exposure to long wave infrared heat with a reflective heat shield to prevent cracking due to thermal shock.

With the Angle Support Bar included, you can lock in the position of the tool to direct the heat and work hands-free, scraping one area while you heat another.

With scrapers also included, the Speedheater Rapid Slim IR Paint Remover kit gives you everything you need to get started right away.

The Speedheater Storage Box also comes included with this model for protection and easy transport to a worksite or when stored in the workshop.

Made in Sweden.

Kit Includes
Half As Wide, Twice As Fast

Remove old paint the fastest and gentlest way possible. The Speedheater Rapid Slim is a slimmer, more efficient version of the classic Speedheater Standard. A slimmer tool is easier to maneuver in hard-to-reach spaces, and a more concentrated infrared heat makes for even faster paint removal.

  • Power output: 1100 Watts,  100-120 Volts, 4.8 Amps
  • Heating elements:  2 x 550 Watt IR Tubes
  • Overheat protection: Protects the tool from overheating during use.
  • Heating area: 300 mm x 80 mm (~ 12 in x 314 in)
  • Tool dimensions: 355 mm (~ 14 in) L x 90 mm (~ 312 in) W x 200 mm (~ 8 in) H
  • Tool weight: 1.4 Kg (~3 Lbs)
  • Heating time: 10-20 seconds
  • Connection: Standard, North American, 3-prong, grounded plug
  • Cord length: 2.5 m (~ 8 ft)
Safety Certification

All Speedheater infrared paint removal tools have the necessary safety certifications for use by professionals on job sites and in workshops.

  • UL certified for USA
  • cUL certified for Canada
  • CE certified for the European Union in compliance with EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-45
Technical Documents

Speedheater Rapid Slim Instruction & Safety Manual