Natural Jute Twine

Natural Jute Twine

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Like its much larger oakum cousin, jute twine in this form can be used for caulking small cracks and joints in wood, which can be faster than breaking apart the larger oakum for the same purpose.

Our natural, jute twine is able to readily absorb preservation materials such as linseed oil and/or pine tar. This provides a very effective seal against water ingress and remains flexible even in harsh marine conditions.

While it is considered an untreated material, a small amount of hemp oil is used in the manufacturing process to minimized shedding and dust. As a natural fibre, it is fully biodegradable.

Jute, when used as a twine, has a medium tensile strength and is very resistant to sunlight, making it great for gardening, bundling, crafts, and decoration.

140 ft
245 ft
Length 140 ft / 43 m 245 ft / 75 m
Diameter 116 in / 2 mm 532 in / 4 mm
Tensile strength
40 Lbs / 18 Kg 84 Lbs / 38 Kg
Working load 4 Lbs / 2 Kg 10 Lbs / 4.5 Kg
Strand 3-ply twist 3-ply twist