Cotton Sash Cord
Cotton Sash Cord
Cotton Sash Cord
Cotton Sash Cord
Cotton Sash Cord

Cotton Sash Cord

Item # : 120080-00001-000
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Our cotton sash cord features a braided cotton jacket over a synthetic core for added strength and to reduce stretch. Overall this is a good mix to produce a sash cord that is soft, flexible, easy on the hands, and maintains its round shape under load.

The particular braiding pattern makes it easy to tie knots when fastening the sash weights as well as to flow smoothly through the sash pulley during use.

Cotton sash cord has good resistance to sunlight and can even be used as a good general-purpose rope.

Estimate your needs
  1. Measure the window's overall height from the bottom of the window jamb to the top of the Sash Pulley.
  2. Add another foot to account for attaching one end to the window sash itself and for tying knots on the other end to the sash weights.
  3. Double that measurement, and you will have enough for both sides of the window.

Available in 2 formats:

  • By the 50 foot strand
  • Bulk Roll (550 ft)

Our #8 cotton sash cord has a diameter of 14 in.