Speedheater Infrared Replacement Elements, pair

Speedheater Infrared Replacement Elements, pair

Item # : 2-1100-0210-2-WEB
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These infrared replacement elements are for the Speedheater Standard and Speedheater Rapid Slim models. From constant innovation over almost 40 years, the Speedheater IR tubes are more effective, have a longer burn time, and are more durable than ever.

Cord connection with ceramic plinth.

Through normal use, it is recommended to replace both IR tubes at the same time so that your Speedheater always produces even heat.

Note: If any part of the IR elements break during use, turn the tool off immediately and do not use until you have replaced the IR elements. Continuing to use the Infrared Paint Remover with damaged heating elements can damage the entire tool permanently.

Burn Time
  • 3,000 to 5,000 hours