Speedheater 8-Sided Power Scraper
Speedheater 8-Sided Power Scraper

Speedheater 8-Sided Power Scraper

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Speedheater 8-sided Power Scraper is now discontinued from the manufacturer. While quantities last.


This powerful scraper is designed for dry scraping. The blade of the scraper is engineered with 8 sharp edges that rip through old paint. Its unique angles and additional pommel for 2-handed grip give you extra power in every stroke without having to worry about slipping or damaging the surface.

The durable scraper is comfortable to use and made to last, with its long ergonomic handle and laser-cut special Swedish steel blade.

With 8 working sides, you can greatly extend your working time. When one edge becomes dull, rotate the blade and use another edge until all 4 sides are spent. Then turn the blade over to get 4 more working sides.

Durable, special Swedish steel blades hold their edge and stay sharper for longer, but unlike their carbide steel cousins, they can also be sharpened using the the Speedheater Scraper Blade Grinding Set.

Made in Sweden.

  • Tool length: 37 cm (~ 1412 in)
  • Blade width: 4.5 x 5 cm (~ 134 x 2 in)
  • Tool weight: 376 g (~ 34 in)