Allback Pumice Powder

Allback Pumice Powder

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Pumice powder can be, both, very absorbent and also finely abrasive, and it can be used in many ways in the Allback Linseed Oil Paint system.

Using Pumice with Putty 

When using the Allback Linseed Putty for glazing, save time by dusting putty surfaces with pumice, and proceed to paint immediately with Allback Linseed Oil Paint. There is no need to wait for the putty to be dry before painting. The pumice helps to stiffen the surface of the putty so as not to create brush marks.

Using Pumice to make a filler 

Pumice can be used as an additive in Allback Linus Wall Paint in order to create a spackling compound that is the same colour as the paint. Use this filler to fill cracks and holes in walls, or even use this filler as a joint compound that will not crack or shrink. The consistency of this spackling medium can be modified to your needs, and it can even be floated out over an entire wall surface for levelling, or it can be applied with a roller and smoothed with a trowel in order to have a plastered wall finish in your desired colour. Finish with Allback Linseed Oil Wax in wet areas to make the surface a little darker and extremely water resistant.

Using Pumice as a cleaner 

When glazing windows, dust a little pumice powder onto the glass to quickly absorb and clean off linseed oil residue.

Create an excellent cleaning paste by mixing with a little water.