Allback Chalk Powder

Allback Chalk Powder

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Allback Chalk Powder is made from pure calcium carbonate, ground to a particular consistency, and it can be used in many different ways depending on the desired result.

Using Chalk with Putty 

When using the Allback Linseed Putty for glazing, save time by dusting putty surfaces with chalk, and proceed to paint immediately with Allback Linseed Oil Paint. There is no need to wait for the putty to be dry before painting. The chalk helps to stiffen the surface of the putty so as not to create brush marks.

Using Chalk with Shellac Primer 

To achieve an easily sanded high finish indoors on a painted surface, mix chalk with Allback Shellac Primer to the consistency of a thick, paintable primer. Thicken with more chalk to produce a strong, sandable wood filler for small cracks and holes.

Using Chalk with Linus Wall Paint 

Add a bit of chalk powder to thicken the Allback Linus Wall Paint, making it ideal for stencilling.


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