NEW Allbäck White Linseed Soap Finish
NEW Allbäck White Linseed Soap Finish
NEW Allbäck White Linseed Soap Finish
NEW Allbäck White Linseed Soap Finish
NEW Allbäck White Linseed Soap Finish

NEW Allbäck White Linseed Soap Finish

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This product contains water and is susceptible to freezing. Take care during shipping and storage. See our policy on Shipping During the Winter for more details.


White Linseed Soap Finish is a Scandinavian wood finishing tradition for floors and furniture that is light and soft to the touch.

Linseed Soap with white pigment is used to lighten up and treat bare wood floors indoors such as ash, birch, pine, and spruce. White Linseed Soap Finish gives different results depending on the surface.

The soap is environmentally friendly, efficient, and biodegradable, handcrafted by Allbäck Linseed Oil Products. They have developed a recipe that results in a soap of the highest quality, without additives.

The timber quality of the floor is crucial for a beautiful soap scrubbed finish. The boards should be of high quality with the heart of the wood facing upwards. Keep this in mind when choosing a new floor!

Soap scrubbing step by step
  1. Sand the floor with 120–240 grit sandpaper. Finer sanding gives less pigment absorption. Vacuum the wooden floor thoroughly before you start scrubbing.
  2. Wet the floor with cold water.
  3. Shake well before use. Mix 100–200 mL of soap with 0.5 L of cold water in a clean bucket. When soap scrubbing a very dry wooden floor use twice the amount of soap. For the best protection repeat the treatment 2–4 times. Each time you soap scrub the floor, it will become brighter, and the protection will get better and better.
  4. Scrub in the longitudinal direction of the boards and a few boards at a time with a scrubbing brush on a handle. For heavily stained areas, put concentrated soap directly on the brush.
  5. Rinse / wipe the floor with a damp cloth about 15 min afterwards, let dry.
  • Never use White Linseed Soap finish directly on dry wood, as it may cause stains.
  • CAUTION! Warm water makes the wood grey.
  • After the first scrubbing, the wood grain might rise. If so, sand the floor again before continuing treatment.
  • The floor needs to be scrubbed 1-2 times per year to build up a durable surface.
  • Use regular Linseed Soap and water for everyday cleaning of normally dirty floors.

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