Wide Natural Bristle Brush
Wide Natural Bristle Brush

Wide Natural Bristle Brush

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This high-quality, classic brush is ideal for painting, staining, or whitewashing. Its strong, natural bristles are suitable for oil and water based finishes, including pine tar, linseed oil, or linseed oil paint.

The brush width makes the application of finishes on plank surfaces such as decks, rails, various types of wood siding, and wider trim more efficient, as it more closely matches the width of the plank material.

The removable wooden handle is contoured for a comfortable grip. The copper ferrule is resistant to rust, and the metal hanger attachment allows for resting the brush on the rim of the can.

  • Natural hog hair bristles
  • Copper ferrule
  • Stainless steel pot hanger
  • Removable contoured wooden handle
  • Brush width : 100 mm (~ 4 in)