Kulturkulör Linseed Oil Paint Colour Swatch Deck

Kulturkulör Linseed Oil Paint Colour Swatch Deck

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Created for the Swedish National Heritage Board by NCS Colour AB, the Kulturkulör Colour Swatch Deck shows a large collection of colour samples for linseed oil paint, based on colour scales that could be achieved in the past when mixing traditional pigments into linseed oil. The pocket-sized colour palette, with NCS notations, is aimed at professional planners, designers, and painters as well as private individuals who want to paint according to tradition.

The colour palette contains 300 colour samples for traditional colour design in linseed oil paint. The collection contains translations into NCS notation for easy communication within the project team and along the linseed oil paint supply chain.

Using this palette

Use the Kulturkulör palette as an expanded set of example paint colours that are possible to achieve with natural pigments. Producing paint colours from this palette are treated as custom colours. Click here for more information on Custom Colour and OrderTimelines from Allbäck.

  • Semi-matt colour samples
  • Colours based on 23 different kinds of pigment with NCS notation
  • QR code for more information about pigments and recipes
  • Sample size: 104×35 mm
  • Language: Swedish