Pure Linseed Oil Paint

Paint and protect exterior and interior surfaces without solvents.
Lasts for decades on wood, steel, iron, and plastic.
For masonry surfaces such as concrete, use Allbäck's Emulsion technique.
Add Allbäck Zinc Oxide Additive when painting outdoors or in humid areas.

Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint


The future of paint is found in the past.

Linseed oil paint without compare.

It all starts with the very best linseed oil. Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint is made from Swedish, cold-pressed, purified, filtered, sterilised, well-matured, and boiled linseed oil, as well as from the highest quality natural pigments. The paint contains no solvents or cheap synthetic ingredients, and it does not need to be diluted with solvents at any stage.

Linseed oil paint made from the purest ingredients.Linseed oil paint made from the purest ingredients.Linseed oil paint made from the purest ingredients.Linseed oil paint made from the purest ingredients.Linseed oil paint made from the purest ingredients.



Use purified linseed oil to protect wood from the inside out.

Protect and nourish,
from the inside out.

This is what makes pure linseed oil paint different: It is a penetrating paint, not a surface coating. Use the same paint outdoors and indoors and for all coats – no primer required. When painting on untreated, dried timber outdoors, first impregnate with Allbäck Purified Raw Linseed Oil for even longer-lasting protection. This is like moisturizer for your building - not makeup.



Maintain painted surfaces with Allbäck Boiled Linseed Oil or Allack Linseed Oil Wax.

Easy maintenance over time.

Pure linseed oil paint does not crack or peel, and it will never trap moisture that will cause wood to rot. Instead, it fades gradually over time and gives early signals when maintenance is required. Maintain the paint over time with an application of Allbäck Purified Boiled Linseed Oil or Linseed Oil Wax on the dry, aged surface. Never scrape again.



Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint Superior Coverage

Superior coverage, longevity, and value.

Not only does Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint cover more than twice the area of modern coatings, but because it absorbs and integrates with the wood, it can also last at least twice as long.

Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint can bond to virtually any surface that is clean and dry other than silicone and build a protective film. This means that the long-term protection of pure linseed oil paint offers much greater value over time.



Apply Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint in direct sunlight.

Temperature and Storage.

Pure linseed oil paint is not sensitive to freezing or to very hot weather, meaning the paint can be stored below freezing, and it can be applied in direct sunlight.

Heat helps to improve the application. The paint will flow out more evenly across the surface and penetrate deeper into the substrate. Minimum operating temperature is 14ºC (57ºF). Maximum moisture content is 14%.




Clean your paint brush with Linseed Soap, or store your paint brush in Raw Linseed Oil.

To clean, or not to clean...

Clean brushes, hands, and other surfaces with linseed soap and water. No solvents are needed with pure linseed oil paint.

During the work, you can hang brushes with the bristles in Purified Raw Linseed Oil, so they do not solidify and harden. It is then sufficient to wipe the oil from brushes in a cloth before continuing again with the paint. When you have finished painting and the brushes are to be washed, clean them with Linseed Soap.



Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint on Château de Versailles

Tested and well documented.

Allbäck is known as much for their high quality linseed oil products as they are for their work as craftsmen and as educators. They have created a complete system of materials that has been used, tested, and documented in their own projects since 1982. Their paint and their Windowcraft methods have been used on some of the most prominent heritage structures in the world, including the Château de Versailles in France, Holkham Estate in England, and Parliament Hill in Canada.



Swedish flax field in bloom.

For the health of the building, the craftsperson, and the environment.

Allbäck produces the purest linseed oil paint, with the highest classification of health and environmental ratings. They are emissions tested and approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Swedish National Heritage Board. They are the only linseed paint company to achieve a GREEN ARROW in the Swedish Environmental Building Material Assessment by Byggvarubedömningen . Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint is also the only one that is classified "A" by SundaHus  building materials assessment  of “healthy homes”.

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Technical Documents

Little Handbook About Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint
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Companion Guides by Sage Restoration

General Guidelines for Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint
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Safety Data Sheets

SDS Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint
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Paint and Cut


To nurture our cultural heritage

Notes on Colour

Colour accuracy

The colours displayed online and in print material may be subject to small variations due to the limitations of digital display and of the printing process. Testing colours using a small amount of the actual paint on a representative surface will always be the most accurate.

Colour samples are matched as closely as possible to the final paint colour as new and at full sheen. It is natural for the paint colour to change over time as the paint ages and fades.


Linseed Oil Paint becomes yellow in dark spaces or if it comes into contact with chemicals such as those in cleaning products with a high pH value, certain aerosol or beauty spray products, and lye solutions. Yellowing may also occur when painting close to a surface painted with plastic paint. This is a visual problem only,  more visible in the lighter colours, and does not affect the performance of the paint.

Custom colours and colour matches

Custom colours and colour matches are possible. Send us a clean colour sample, minimum 1" x 1", and we will do an initial analysis and get in touch with some recommendations for next steps.

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Try out our Colour Wheel Mixing Guide to assist in mixing your own custom colours.

Standard Colour Palette

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