Allback Linseed Oil Paint Swatch Deck

Allback Linseed Oil Paint Swatch Deck

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The entire Allback Linseed Oil Paint palette in one compact colour deck. When planning your project, use the colour deck to get a good representation of the desired paint colour and compare it to other colours in the selection.

Keep the colour deck on file for future reference or to show to clients in the planning stage of a project.

A note on colour

As with all paint, the actual colour that presents on the swatch may be slightly different than the way the paint presents on the surface. This can be due to a number of factors, including absorption, sheen, light conditions, and the age of the painted surface.

Linseed oil can yellow when it is not exposed to full spectrum UV light and, this can influence the colour of the paint, especially in the lighter shades.

Best to test

For greatest colour accuracy on a particular surface, it can be most representative to do a test with the actual linseed oil paint.