NEW Havelock Wool Insulation PRO Batting
NEW Havelock Wool Insulation PRO Batting
Havelock Wool insulation batts, R-13.
Havelock Wool insulation batts, R-20.
Havelock Wool insulation batts are easy to install into standard framing and without the need for protection.
Havelock Wool insulation batts are easy to install around plumbing and wiring.
Havelock Wool insulation is naturally resistant to flame.
Installing Havelock Wool insulation batts in ceilings is easy.
Havelock Wool does not require any special protection for health and safety.
Cut Havelock Wool insulation batts easily to fit into smaller cavities.
Deal with small or irregular cavities quickly and easily by combining Havelock Wool batts and loose-fill insulation.
Havelock Wool insulation is safe for people and for pets.
Havelock Wool insulation is made in the USA from high-quality New Zealand wool. It is safe for people and planet.
Wool is such a good insulator because its hollow fibre structure means that it insulates on a fibre-by-fibre basis as well as when it is in a matrix with other fibres.
Cradle to cradle: wool insulation is a natural and renewable resource that is made with little processing, and it can be composted at the end of its useful life.

NEW Havelock Wool Insulation PRO Batting

Item # : WOOL-BATT-PRO-R13-16OC
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Bags of 16" OC insulation are split into 2 separate bundles for easier shipping and handling. More info below.

Ordering details
R-value Stud Bay Batt Size (in) Batts / bag SQFT / bag
R-15 16" OC 16x48x3.5 18 90
R-15 24" OC 24x48x3.5 12 90
R-24 16" OC 16x48x5.5 12 60
R-24 24" OC 24x48x5.5 8 60

Use the Havelock Wool Insulation Calculator to help you estimate how much insulation you need for your home project.

  • Small orders ship in boxes via courier. Bags of 16" OC insulation are split into 2 separate bundles for easier shipping and handling, where each bundle will arrive in its own box.
  • Pallet orders ship LTL on a freight truck. Freight shipments are typically delivered to the curb of the street or driveway, and they include lift-gate service. The freight company will contact you to make an appointment for final delivery.

Havelock Wool Insulation Batting is designed to fit between vertical timber framing, or lay in a blanket form. The batting comes in a variety of forms to suit most building construction.

New PRO wool insulation batts from Havelock Wool have excellent sturdiness and maintain proper dimensionality in the cavity, allowing for proper friction fit in standard cavity sizes.

The new, proprietary fibre blend consists of >95% wool which is bound with <5% recycled, biodegradable poly. This produces a more rigid and full-bodied insulation batt that is more easily friction fit into cavities and remain self-supporting, without the need for stapling during installation.

Filters air and improves indoor air quality

Harmful chemicals are in your walls. The amino acids in wool irreversibly bond with formaldehyde, NOx and SO2 on a molecular level. For example, tests carried out by the Central Testing Facility in Tokyo, Japan found that when formaldehyde was released into a chamber, wool was able to absorb 96% of the formaldehyde within several hours. This capability is unique to natural fibres.

Moisture and climate control

Moisture and mould happens in your walls. Wool can absorb moisture against 65% relative humidity.

Suppresses mold and mildew

Natural keratin prevents against the spread of mould and mildew.

Absorbs sound

Wool exceeds other forms of insulation as an acoustic buffer and is commonly used to naturally enhance the acoustic properties of a building.

Thermal conductivity

Wool batts are industry standard at R-3.6 per inch; loose-fill outperforms at R-4.3 per inch.

Resists fire

Wool will not support a flame below 1100ºF (593ºC). Havelock wool conforms to Class A of the ASTM E84 test.

All natural

Wool insulation is entirely renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable. It takes approximately 10% of the embodied energy it takes to manufacture fibreglass insulation.

Long lasting

Inherent characteristics allow stated R-values to exceed other forms of insulation.

No off-gassing

Natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals.

Installs easily

Blow-in and batts are installed like other types of fibrous insulation but with no special protection required.


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