Redecker Natural Outdoor + Shop Broom
Redecker Natural Outdoor + Shop Broom

Redecker Shop Broom

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Use this push broom outdoors and in the workshop to clean up lots of debris. The strong natural bristles can take the wear and tear of abrasive surfaces such as concrete and pavement. The handle is held firmly by a top-mounted attachment point on the broom rather than a single threaded point, which can take more pushing force and is less likely to break.

Handcrafted in Germany by the Redecker family of artisan brushmakers.

Bristles – argena fibre
Block – oiled ash wood
Handle attachment point – black painted metal
Handle – oiled beechwood

Broom – 40 x 6 cm (~ 16” x 2.25")
Bristle length – 136 cm (~ 53.5”)